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No matter what type of services customers need, the Morris County roofers at Peter W Smith Construction will be able to help when other roofing companies will not. They strive for careful and efficient work with every procedure, no matter how complicated the task may be.

Efficient roofing company
  • These Morris County roofers always go out of their way to provide clients with the most satisfactory services. Each roofer is highly skilled and trained, and they have years of experience in providing their customers with efficient work on a wide variety of projects.
  • Whether their Morris County clients are in need of general repairs, shingle replacement, gutter inspection or entire roofing systems installed from scratch, these roofers can get the job done in an efficient, timely manner. An assessment is made of customers' needs before these roofing contractors start a project.
Qualified roofing contractors
  • All Morris County roofers are fully insured and licensed so that customers can enjoy peace of mind without the concern that accidents may occur on the site.
  • The roofing contractors are very polite and helpful. They make sure to avoid making any unwanted changes to the home and always set up a careful working environment to ensure that only the desired work is done.
  • Before they begin, the roofing contractors can provide interested customers with a quote on the planned services, and they make sure that everything is understood before the project's start.
  • The expert roofers of Morris County always clean up after themselves when the project is over. They take care of the area and guarantee that no debris will be left around the home.
  • Only the highest quality materials are used in every job completed by the roofing company. This guarantees that no matter what the procedure entails, the project will not fail as a result of poor craftsmanship or materials.

The roofers from Peter W Smith Construction of Morris County NJ would be happy to answer any questions you have about roof repair, roof replacement, siding repair or gutters.

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Peter W Smith Construction : Found my roof's leak!

When I noticed staining on my ceiling, I knew that I was in trouble. I called these Morris County roofers and could not believe how quickly this roofing company arrived to help. They found my leak and patched it up, and now my roof looks even better than it did before!

NJ. 5 star rating Overall Experience 5/5
Inspecting the attic

When Morris County homeowners spot moisture damage in their ceiling or attic, they are usually quick to blame a leak in the roofing system. However, all experienced roofers know that there's usually more to the appearance of water damage than what can be readily seen on the roof's surface. Sometimes the problem exists because of poor ventilation in the attic, which can condense water vapors as they rise from the home and result in extensive problems with the attic's interior walls and ceiling. The presence of such water damage can actually weaken the roof's deck and joists, resulting in premature roofing system failures. In order to identify all causes of leaking, a capable Morris County roofer will inspect every section of the home to find the problem. Once the roofer has determined the likeliest cause of the leak, they will then get to work to fix it.

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The roofers from Peter W Smith Construction provide services including repair, roof replacement, siding repair and gutters in Morris County NJ and these areas:

  • Wayne, NJ
  • Montville, NJ
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