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There are many different styles of gutters, and each has its own aesthetic and practical advantages. All gutters and downspouts serve the same purpose: draining water off of the roof and away from the foundation of the house. What differentiates gutter styles is their cost, their maintenance requirements, and the way they complement the appearance of the home.

To ascertain the correct gutter size and capacity requirements, the slope of the roof and average rainfall the home receives must be calculated. Figuring these quantities is best left to qualified Morris county roofers. Though it may be tempting to install a gutter as a DIY projects and bypass the professionals, gutters can become weighed down with debris and ice leading to further maintenance.

Residential gutters come in array of metal options. Aluminum, seamless aluminum, copper, steel and zinc are all available materials. Vinyl gutters are also an option. Most gutter materials come in either K style or half round shapes. The half round shape is most commonly seen on older homes. K style gutters are the most popular and can come with decorative fronting. Concealed or built in gutters present their own unique challenges.

Aluminum is the main material that is used for gutters. Both aluminum gutters and seamless aluminum gutters are lightweight and will not rust. The aluminum can come in various colors and be painted.

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Seamless aluminum gutters are fabricated on site to meet the specifications of the home.

Steel gutters are susceptible to rust, but the galvanized steel variety should last five to ten years without rusting depending on the climate. Steel gutters are heavier and more expensive than their aluminum counterparts. The steel can be colored and be painted.

Copper will not rust, and will develop a green patina as it oxidizes over time. Copper is a pricier material, and it requires professional installation because the seams and joints are welded.

Zinc gutters are similar to copper. The zinc develops a patina over time and will not rust. It is an expensive material to install and requires professional installation because the seams and joints are welded. The K style is not available for zinc gutters.

Vinyl gutters are the least expensive option. There are not many colors to choose from, and the color will fade from ultraviolet light exposure. The gutters are lightweight and will not support the weight of a ladder leaned against them. Severe cold can cause them to crack.

When choosing gutter styles and systems, it is important that the style and material fit the home's needs. Installing gutters without a professional is possible for some materials, but a local roofing specialist is the best bet.

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