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Gutters are one of the most easily damaged roofing components. Because of this, many homeowners find themselves in need of gutter repair or replacement following a particularly bad storm season. Morris County roofers can help homeowners with repairs and offer professional advice on gutter replacement options.

Knowing when to repair rain gutters or downspouts and when to replace them with new ones can be a challenge. Most often, the right decision has to do with overall condition and the age of the gutters. If multiple sections are likely to fail soon or show corrosion or signs of warping, it may be time to consider replacing them. Gutters that are more than twenty years old are also good candidates for replacement.

New gutters are available in a variety of materials. These include wood, vinyl, copper, zinc, steel and aluminum. Each of these materials includes advantages and disadvantages, in additional to the possibility of added features.

Wooden gutters can look fantastic when paired with a complementary architectural style. Unfortunately, they are heavier than average and many homeowners find them difficult to maintain without professional assistance. In general, they aren't a good choice for every home.

Vinyl is the least durable of materials used to make gutters, but it is also the least expensive.

The roofing contractors from Peter W Smith Construction of Morris County would be happy to answer any questions you have about roof repair or siding repair.

Their lifespan is estimated at less than 20 years, and they usually succumb to the effects of weather and storm damage.

Gutters made from copper are becoming more popular and can match many home designs. For truly high end craftsmanship, some homeowners have their gutters designed by tinsmiths or artisans who deal with metal. Then they have them installed by roofing professionals to get the most out of both form and function. Despite their expense, copper gutters are one of the most reliable choices in gutter materials.

Zinc and steel gutters both tend to be less ornate than copper, but they can still add a hint of elegance to a home's roof. While zinc tends to be more budget friendly, steel is extremely durable and can last decades longer than zinc. They are both highly rust resistant. Installation tends to be slightly more difficult, in part because these metals are quite heavy compared to copper or aluminum.

Aluminum gutters have a bright finish that stands up well to aging and exposure to the elements. While they resist rust and are lightweight, these gutters are more easily damaged than steel or zinc. In terms of cost, they are quite affordable and more readily customized than other metal choices. They do require regular maintenance, however, especially if they are painted.

Homeowners should consider the various material options available to them when selecting gutters. Each material offers different value and aesthetic quality, and only the homeowner can decide which is right for their property.

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