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When it's time to replace the rain gutters, homeowners can feel a bit overwhelmed. There are many choices. All gutter systems divert water away from the roof and siding; however, the type of material used will determine how well the gutter functions. In areas that receive a lot of snow or rainfall, some materials are better than others. The budget also needs to be taken into consideration. Replacing the gutters can be expensive.

Before hiring a crew of Morris County roofers to replace the gutter, it's a good idea to check out the benefits and disadvantages of the different gutter systems available.

Aluminum gutters are a popular option. They come in seamed and seamless varieties. These gutters are lightweight, affordable and able to withstand different weather conditions. The main drawback to aluminum is the high degree of maintenance required. Aluminum is soft and can be easily damaged. When installing aluminum gutters, homeowners need to have a reliable roofing company inspect the gutters a couple times a year and after a major storm for any damage that might have occurred. Professional roofing companies can do this at the same time they inspect the roof.

Stainless steel is more durable than aluminum.

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It is low maintenance, resists rust and will hold up well to ladders and winter storms. However, the cost can be quite high. Many homeowners choose a galvanized steel gutter instead, but galvanized gutters have to be retreated once the coating begins to wear. If not redone, the gutter will rust. Stainless steel is also heavy, so the strength of the roof's structure needs to be considered.

When cost is a problem, some homeowners go with vinyl rain gutters. Since they are available in a variety of colors, they can add sparkle and curb appeal to the home's design. Like aluminum, vinyl isn't very strong and will not hold up well in bad weather. In fact, the colder or hotter the seasonal temperature, the more likely the vinyl will crack.

Wood gutters are not popular with homeowners anymore. They are mostly used to restore older historical homes when using the original materials is important. Wood can easily be damaged by the weather because it's highly susceptible to rot and mold, so wood gutters require even more maintenance than aluminum does.

Copper is also used for restoration purposes. Although it looks nice and can be sealed to protect it from the elements, it is also a high maintenance material and often not worth the cost and effort to keep it looking nice.

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