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If a homeowner's gutters clog, they may think the problem is only a minor annoyance and choose to ignore it. The reality is that gutter clogs can actually do a significant amount of damage to a home because they are a key part of protecting the structure from water damage. Therefore, people should be sure to hire Morris County roofers to help resolve clogs and prevent them from forming in the first place.

The job of gutters is to ensure that water is not able to splash off the sides of a roof and collect around a home's base. This is because splashing water can discolor and damage outside walls. Additionally, water collecting around a home's base may eventually work its way into a foundation, which can lead to the formation of cracks.

In addition to causing damage around a home's base and its outside walls, water pooling from clogged gutters also has the potential to create depressions in a roof that can lead to the formation of damaging leaks. Clogged gutters prevent water from flowing through them quickly, so it will either overflow or stay on the roof, and this can cause major issues.

When water stays on the roof, it may work its way past the roof's defenses because roofs are designed to repel moving, rather than standing, water.

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Asphalt shingles tend to have tiny pinhole imperfections in them. When water is flowing past them, this is not a problem. However, when water sits on these shingles, it can start working its way into the holes. Once this occurs, leaks are likely to start developing.

Another potential issue with clogs is that water may not drain out of gutters at all. Enough weight from debris in a gutter may cause it to tilt away from the downspout, so water in the gutter remains trapped. This can even cause a gutter to tear away from the roof.

Two common ways of keeping gutters free of blockages are to use gutter filters and to ensure that they are cleaned out regularly. Experts recommend that gutters are cleaned in the fall and spring, when debris from plant life is most likely to build up in them.

Gutter filters are another popular way of preventing clogs from developing because they filter out detritus but still let water flow through them. However, it is important to note that they also make cleaning the gutters easier because debris is located in one place instead of throughout the gutters.

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