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About a century ago, the majority of commercial roofs were constructed from the same roofing materials that residential roofs were constructed with. The most common products included slate, wood, clay and asphalt materials. However, as buildings became taller, wider and more complex in design, manufacturing companies rose to the challenge of making the building's roofs safer and more structurally sound. In today's world, the majority of commercial properties feature either flat or low pitched roofs, and they are constructed with premium grade materials. Their installation and maintenance tasks are completely different from a residential roof.

One of the biggest challenges that Morris County Roofers have whenever they install a new commercial roof is to ensure that it is properly sealed in order to prevent water leaks. Since flat roofs tend to retain more water than sloped roofs, if a small leak is present for a long period of time, the associated water damage can cause the roof to cave in. Flat roofs also experience frequent water ponding, and in cold climates, this can pose a serious problem during the winter seasons. If the standing water freezes, once it begins to thaw, it can also create an ideal scenario for leaks to develop. For these reasons, the primary goal of the majority of commercial roofing products it to waterproof the roof.

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The newer, improved materials that are used on commercial roofs today also require far less maintenance tasks than in the past. They feature longer life spans than older roofs that were constructed with asphalt and gravel, and they are more environmentally friendly and energy efficient. It is recommended that a commercial roof be professionally inspected at least a couple of times a year.

One of the most commonly installed types of commercial roofs is referred to as membrane roofing, which consists of either PVC or rubber that is rolled out along the entire surface of the roof deck. The material is then sealed along each of the seams in order to achieve a watertight bond. It is a lightweight product that is durable, and it resists damage from prolonged ultraviolet radiation exposure, which helps to keep the building's indoor temperatures more pleasant.

Another commonly installed type of commercial roofing material is a metal product that is derived from aluminum, steel or a mixture of both. It is also lightweight in nature, and its primary advantage is that it is flexible, which allows contractors to be able to custom shape it in order to better fit the structure.

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