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Morris County Roofers: Article About Common Built Up Roofing Benefits

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Homeowners who have flat rooftops will be able to select from many different types of primary roofing materials. Individuals are encouraged to think about the benefits and disadvantages of some of these common materials in order to make the most of their future installations. Morris County roofers can provide all types of replacement and new installation procedures, and one of the most commonly available systems that homeowners can consider is built up roofing.

A built up roofing system, which is abbreviated as a BUR roofing system, is designed to provide the flat roof with a great degree of protection and utility when it is properly installed. The system is usually installed through the application of alternating layers of roofing felt plies. These layers are adhered to each other through the use of bitumen and asphalt. Roofing professionals layer the system as many times as necessary to provide the home with the desired benefits. Once the felt system is set up the way it is needed, roofing professionals will then move on to establish a topcoat of ballasting material. Usually, this is some type of surface aggregate, such as gravel, to help prevent solar damage from marring the installation.

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Built up roofing systems are one of the most reliable installations available. Homeowners value them because they are one of the most common systems used for flat rooftops. They are easy to install and affordable, making them ideal for individuals who are interested in testing the waters with their first flat roofing system.

Another advantage that homeowners will be able to enjoy is longevity and durability. Most BUR systems are able to last upward of 30 years with relatively minimal maintenance required. The ease of access that comes with a flat roofing system means that homeowners will have the chance to take a look at their rooftop as often as necessary.

These systems are highly weather resistant. The multiple layers of ply prevent moisture from penetrating the roof's surface, even when ponding water is present. Additionally, because of how the roof is built, homeowners will be able to enjoy efficient resistance against wind and other elements.

Finally, BUR systems are very easy to repair, though homeowners should not attempt "do it yourself" projects. All that the roofing professionals will need to do is weld together torn or punctured sections of the roof in order to establish a seamless system again. By catching problems quickly and calling the appropriate professionals, homeowners will be able to help their systems last even longer.

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