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Most homeowners know that the winter season can cause serious damage to a roof. Storms can dump snow and hail that eventually will harm roofing materials. However, many homeowners are unaware that the summer season can be just as damaging because of high temperatures and hurricanes. For homeowners who want to keep their roof cool to prevent excess wear from occurring, a few steps can be taken when working with Morris County roofers.

It's important for the attic to be properly ventilated to reduce the temperature of the roof. If the attic is too warm, it will cause the roof to become hot and can reduce its lifespan. To ventilate the attic, add extra vents and check the insulation to ensure that it's still in good condition.

A cool roof coating can be applied to the home's roofing materials to protect the surface. This will seal it off from UV rays and keep the materials at a moderate temperature. The structure can also be painted a lighter color to increase its solar reflectance. Homeowners should choose white or off white shades.

Certain materials can be installed on the roof to enhance the structure's solar reflectance. This will prevent the roof from becoming too warm and will preserve the materials for an extended period.

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Metal roofing has a high solar reflectance and prevents a sufficient amount of heat from being absorbed on sunny days. Clay tiles can be used to reduce damage to the roof because of their inherent thermal properties. Both roofing materials are commonly used in warmer climates.

Although tree branches that hang over roofs can be dangerous during the winter season, homeowners can avoid trimming them in the summer for extra shade on the home. This will prevent the roof from being exposed to the sun and will protect the roofing materials from excess damage that commonly develops during the warm season.

Another way to cool the roof during the summer season is to install a complete misting system on the roof. This will keep the roof cooler as the outdoor temperature rises. Misting systems consistently monitor the temperature of the roof and spray water on the materials when the structure becomes too warm during the day. This helps to prevent shingles from curling due to the heat and will help keep the interior of the home cool. The systems often are installed by professional roofers on different sections of the roof.

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