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From rain and snow to high winds and solar radiation, the exterior of a home has to endure a great deal of abuse. When functioning properly, a roof and siding work together to create a seamless external barrier, protecting the interior of the home from everything nature can throw at it. Unfortunately, when a part of that barrier no longer functions correctly, the risk of extensive damage and costly repairs isn't far behind. That's why homeowners should know the signs that their siding may need to be replaced, and contact Morris County roofers quickly for a professional assessment.

There are a number of signs that may indicate aging or ineffective siding. The most obvious signs of damage or wear are warped, buckled, cracked or rotted siding. If it looks damaged in this way, it should be immediately replaced, and a professional should be contacted if these issues extend beyond small sections of the siding. Homeowners should check the underlying surface behind any warped or buckled section of siding, as the layer beneath may quickly become soft or rotted. Sections of siding that have become loose are not necessarily a concern, especially following high winds or hail, but they should be thoroughly checked before being repaired or replaced.

One often overlooked warning sign is siding that needs repainting too frequently. Siding that is in good condition should generally not require painting for up to ten years, and premature peeling or chipping may indicate siding that is nearing the end of its effective lifespan.

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Similarly, siding that has become extremely faded should be considered for replacement as well. This indicates that the siding has not been replaced in some time, and therefore it may begin to lose some of its effectiveness.

Homeowners should also take note of the conditions inside their home. Peeling or cracking paint on the inside of exterior walls may indicate that ineffective siding is allowing moisture to penetrate through the wall. This may also cause wallpaper to separate from the wall, and in severe cases may even cause noticeable stains or other water damage. This indicates a major issue and should be promptly inspected by a professional.

Finally, homeowners should regularly inspect their siding for dry rot. Because this takes place under the surface of the siding, it may not be apparent from a visual inspection alone. A solid object such as a small hammer or the head of a screwdriver can be used to gently tap the siding all along the outside of the home. If dry rot is present behind the siding, the tapping will create a distinctly different, duller sound. Any suspicious area should be inspected immediately, as dry rot can result in significant structural damage over time if left unchecked.

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