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Most homeowners don't know that there are 15 different kinds of siding when they first plan to hire Morris County roofers and siding experts. However, this is just the beginning of what most people don't know about siding. To make an informed decision on which kind is best, there are some important facts that homeowners should know.

Vinyl is the number one siding option for most residential homes. However, many assume that this is because of its low price. While this is true to an extent, many homeowners choose it because most vinyl manufacturers offer lifelong warranties, many of which are transferable.

Although wood siding gives homes a natural look, it's often not the best option for homeowners. One reason is because all wooding siding can rot and become damaged easily. This is true for cedar siding as well. A study demonstrated that wood is generally the most expensive type of siding to replace if it's damaged. Cheaper alternatives are vinyl and aluminum.

While most homeowners know that cleaning their siding is a good idea, many don't know that there's a difference between power washing and pressure washing.

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Both types of machines force water out in powerful streams, but power washing machines use hot water while pressure washing machines use cold. Since hot water is better at eliminating dirt and grime, power washing is the optimum choice for cleaning vinyl siding.

Homeowners whose houses were built before the mid to late 1970s should have their homes inspected for asbestos. Decades ago, contractors regularly used asbestos in the construction of homes and commercial buildings. It was added to siding, insulation and other building materials because of its fire resistant and insulative properties. In the early 1970s, scientists discovered that asbestos was dangerous to people's health and could cause health problems such as lung cancer. While newer homes won't contain asbestos, some older homes may still have siding that does.

Most roofing and siding companies work all year around. However, homeowners who want the best deals should hire contractors during the fall and winter, which is considered the slow season for most contractors.

When buying vinyl siding, people should be aware that it comes in a variety of thicknesses, which are referred to as gauges. The gauges of vinyl range between .035 and 0.55. In general, the thicker the vinyl, the better quality it is. Most top quality brands have vinyl that ranges between 0.40 and 0.48. Additionally, thicker vinyl stands up to impacts and weather damage better.

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