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Morris County Roofers: Article About Galvanized Steel Flashing Benefits

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The primary material chosen for a flashing system will often determine how effectively that system will perform. Morris County roofers always make sure to match the right flashing system with the right materials, as incompatible matches may result in deterioration to both the flashing and the shingles themselves. One of the most commonly available materials is galvanized steel. This is a particularly advantageous option that can provide homeowners with the degree of protection they need while shielding the roof's surface from all types of weather damage. By learning more about the advantages of this system, homeowners will be better equipped to make future decisions.

Galvanized steel flashing is often chosen as an economical material that is made by coating a steel sheet with a protective layer of zinc. This process is usually performed through hot dipping or electroplating processes, though both are capable of producing the desired results. Homeowners will have different options to choose from based on what type of protection they will need, but roll flashing is usually available in widths that can reach 48 inches if necessary.

To fasten this system to the roof, experts will use galvanized nails, as different fasteners may cause corrosion. This particular material should never be used with green or treated lumber, as the chemicals in the lumber may react with the steel.

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The green lumber itself has a much higher moisture content as well, which can lead to rust on the flashing if the surface of the steel takes sufficient damage.

One of the first advantages that homeowners will notice with this material is that it is highly affordable. It has the lowest upfront cost of all other metal flashing systems, which makes it desirable for fast and easy applications around the home's roof.

This material is also highly renowned for its rigidity. Once it has been set up as desired, it will retain its shape for as long as it is needed. This makes it ideal for all types of applications, where it can easily form the necessary shape. During the formation process itself, this material can be shaped easily and quickly, which allows roofers to lower installation costs.

This flashing system will also readily accept paint if homeowners are interested in disguising the silver sheen. This is particularly desirable in exposed applications, such as around the chimney. Homeowners will need to have the thin oil coating on the steel removed prior to the application of primers and paint.

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