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Morris County Roofers: Article About General Roofing Questions To Ask

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Once the shingles begin falling from the roof to create gaps that expose the deck and underlayment, it is time to have the roofing system replaced. The first step in replacing the roof completely is to choose what roofing system should be installed. After selecting the roofing solution, the next step in the process is to locate reliable Morris County roofers to perform the installation. From there, homeowners may not be sure how to proceed when it comes to selecting the right contracting companies. Fortunately, the process can be as simple as asking a few questions over the phone. By keeping some of the things to ask in mind, homeowners will be able to make the most of their future roof installation.

To begin, all homeowners should start by asking if the experts are licensed. This is usually the first question asked because it can be enough to make or break the deal with the contracting company. The property owner should look into the code requirements for their state, as this will affect the expert's answer. Codes always vary between different states, but the answer should always be yes in order to provide customers with the desired peace of mind for their future installation.

Homeowners should then ask if the company provides their workers with workers' compensation insurance.

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This second question is to protect both the property owner and the contractors that are working on the roof. The answer should always be yes. If a worker is injured on the property and there is no workers' comp in place, the property owner may be expected to front the bill for the injury, which can add up to thousands of dollars very quickly. In the past, contracting teams that employed less than three workers were exempt from the need for workers' comp. Now, however, all contracting companies must provide compensation for their employees to prevent potential problems and ensure that workers are cared for if injured.

Finally, homeowners should ask about the procedure itself. For most replacements, they should ask if the roofing system will be removed completely. This final question is important, as it will help homeowners determine how complete the installation will be. The answer that all homeowners should listen for is yes, but many roofing companies will try to shingle over existing roofing systems. Before such a procedure is performed, homeowners should make sure that the structure is tested for damage and is guaranteed to be secure and reliable.

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