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Green rooftops are becoming an environmentally friendly trend breaking up the monotony of conventional dark asphalt shingles. Green roofs, also called rooftop gardens, are roofs that have been covered in living plant life and vegetation. Several Morris County roofers will help homeowners install green roofs on relatively flat surfaces with a slope no greater than 30 degrees. More supporting members may need to be added to handle the weight of about 20 pounds per square foot. Although green roofs require a higher investment upfront, there are plenty of benefits reaped for homeowners and the world.

Having a leafy green covering over the roof helps to create a lighter colored surface and an extra layer of shade from hot sunshine. Throughout the summer, green roofs are able to keep the home cooler and cut back on air conditioning usage. Dirt surrounding the vegetation will provide greater insulation and boost energy efficiency too. Green roofs are able to absorb up to 40 decibels of sound to naturally reduce the amount of outdoor noise seeping inside the living space.

Ecofriendly homeowners rejoice in green roofing because most of the waterproof roofing membranes and modules are wholly recycled.

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Green roofs have a longer lifespan than the majority of roofing materials, which provides long lasting value. Some companies will even offer long 20 year warranties on their green roofing products. Succulent plants are particularly resistant to burning to reduce the home's fire risk. Green roofs have also been found to improve property resale value and lower tenant turnover rates.

On a global level, green roofs are ideal for producing a better environment with increased biodiversity. Rooftop gardens provide a habitat for sustaining various species of plants, birds and invertebrates. Thriving plants are able to capture airborne pollutants and filter noxious gases to fight pollution. Through photosynthesis, plants give off extra oxygen to improve the area's air quality. Homes with green roofs help break up the dark colors of cities to minimize the effects of the urban heat island effect.

Depending on their design, green roofs can absorb a tremendous amount of rain to reduce water runoff by up to 90 percent. Green roofs delay the rush of water during heavy storms, which could prevent widespread flooding. Their layers filter the water to remove pollutants before they can flow into nearby lakes, streams or rivers. Nitrates and other harmful toxins are absorbed within the vegetation. Beautiful green rooftop gardens are worth a consideration for homeowners with the means to invest in a healthier planet.

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