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While many homeowners are familiar with the risks that heavy rains bring to their roofing systems and the foundations of their homes, most are surprised to learn that hot and dry summers can also create a risky environment for a structure's roof. When a property owner notices any of these signs of trouble, a licensed team of Morris County roofers should be called in to assess the situation and perform the necessary repairs.

During extended periods of low precipitation and high temperatures, trees can become stressed. Intense sunshine may cause a tree's leaves or needles to dry out. A lack of moisture deep within the soil reduces the amount of water that is able to travel up through the tree's roots. As a result, deciduous and evergreen trees may lose their leaves and needles. These fallen bits and pieces accumulate in the rain gutters, leading to obstructions that could result in overflows or roof leaks.

Another potential danger that homeowners may face in arid summertime weather is a weakening of the tree's structure. As a tree becomes severely diseased, it is more prone to cracking or falling down. Weakened trees are also more easily blown down during a strong wind gust. Such a tree could come crashing down onto a home's roof.

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Hot and dry weather also increases the risk of wildfires. Even in places like New Jersey, wildfires can spread from wooded areas into residential communities and business parks that have lots of trees. When the plants are already dried out, they become tinder for the fire. If the branches are close to a home, sparks or embers may fall onto the roof or debris within the gutters and ignite the asphalt shingles or the wooden parts of the residence.

One way that homeowners can avoid the dangers brought by hot and dry weather is to have their gutters regularly cleaned, either by doing it themselves or by hiring a professional to do it for them. For a more long term solution, property owners can have gutter covers professionally installed. The covers help filter solids like leaves, seeds and pine needles and keep them out of the gutter basin and downspouts. Covers also lessen the frequency at which the gutters need to be manually cleaned.

Homeowners may also have trees trimmed to be at least 10 feet away from their roofs. If dry conditions persist, homeowners may want to remove all shrubbery within a 10 to 20 foot perimeter of their homes.

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