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During the summertime, many homeowners in New Jersey notice that their roofs develop specific issues. From warped shingles to a water overshoot, there are many issues that can only be properly identified by seasoned Morris County roofers; that is why an inspection can help property owners avoid more costly problems in the future.

During heavy thunderstorms, a homeowner may notice a water overshoot or overflow from the edge of the roof. This is usually due to gutters that are not properly connected to the fascia and soffit. Another cause for overflowing water is a blockage in the gutter. Wind gusts may cause trees to shed seeds, leaves and sticks. Over a few weeks or months, this can produce a substantial clog in the gutter or its opening at the downspout. If the rainwater has nowhere else to go, it will cause a waterfall. The flowing water may pool against the home's foundation and begin causing cracks, bowing of the walls and other problems.

Another common problem that roofs can develop during the summer is warping of the shingles. Asphalt shingles, especially those that are black or dark gray in color, absorb the sun's heat, eventually causing the sheathing underneath to peel. Curled or warped shingles are more prone to leaking or getting blown off by a sudden wind gust.

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Although rare, hailstorms can inflict considerable damage on a home's metal gutters. If the hailstones are driven into the structure by wind, the angled impact can lead to large dents or even holes in the gutters. The accompanying rain may leak out of the holes or be unable to flow downward into the downspouts. In addition to denting and bending the gutters, hailstones can also drive holes into the shingles, flashing and other essential components of the roof.

One health and safety concern that homeowners may not realize is associated with gutters is summertime backyard pests. Insects such as mosquitoes need standing pools of water in which to lay their eggs. If damaged or not properly installed, a home's gutters may have standing water that allows mosquitoes to proliferate. Puddles under the downspouts are also prime mosquito breeding grounds.

Insect nests are also a common summertime problem for homeowners. Honeybees, carpenter bees, wasps and hornets may all set up housekeeping in the gutters or opening of a downspout. The nest can block water from flowing away from the roof, causing structural damage if left untreated.

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