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Gutters are an important part of any home, and they shouldn't be neglected. Morris County roofers know how to maintain, repair and replace the gutters to ensure that they're in great working condition. Homeowner often wonder how important the gutters really are, and the fact is that they're an essential part of the home's overall design. They protect the foundation, make the exterior more attractive and preserve the overall value of the home.

Water must be diverted away from the roof in order to protect the foundation. Otherwise, the bottom of every roof slope would turn into a waterfall and the ground near the foundation would erode. As a matter of fact, when people are having problems with wet basements or crawlspaces, the problem is often traced to the gutters. In addition to keeping the gutters intact and working properly, people are also encouraged to use a drip edge on the shingles. This ensures that water makes it to the gutter and will not just travel down the fascia.

By channeling the water in an appropriate direction, gutters create more comfortable entryways. Rather than trying to get through a waterfall, people can step under the gutter and be sheltered by any overhanging eaves. The gutters also serve as a nice finishing touch visually.

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Homes that are missing gutters tend to look neglected and off balance.

Another benefit of gutters is that they preserve the home's value. While beautiful gutters won't necessarily result in a higher selling price, missing gutters will surely result in lower offers.

The gutters must be cleaned on a regular basis to prevent clogs and overflowing areas, but there is an easier way to keep the water moving. Most roofing companies offer key gutter upgrades, including seamless gutters and guards. The seamless options are visually appealing, but they're also more functional because there are no seams to catch debris that causes clogs. With gutter guards, people won't have to worry about cleaning and maintaining the gutters because leaves and trash wash harmlessly away over the top.

When it's time to have the roof replaced, take a few minutes to inspect the gutters. This is the ideal time to have them replaced or repaired. Gutters should also be checked occasionally to ensure that they're still properly mounted, securely attached and clean. Rather than ignoring this important part of the property, let roofers take a look at the gutters to see if they need any attention.

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