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If a person lives in their home long enough, there may be a time when replacing their roof is required. Over the years, shingles can buckle, curl or blow off due to high winds. Replacing old shingles is important so that water does not seep down through the decking and cause damage. When the time rolls around to replace a roof, a homeowner will want to know the total cost. To obtain this figure, it's advisable to contact Morris County roofers who have experience in the business of reroofing. A professional roofer can write up a detailed estimate that will help a homeowner understand what goes into replacing a roof.

Roofing costs are based on a number of factors. One of the first aspects that a roofer will look at is the size, slope and complexity of a roof and determine if access will be a difficulty. If a roof has cut up sections or is very steep, a roofer will charge more for these factors.

Material costs are one of the biggest variables when it comes to reroofing a home. A person can choose between a wide variety of materials that range from asphalt shingles and wood shingles to concrete, clay or slate tiles. The price range varies a great deal for roofing materials.

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They start out around $250 per square for asphalt roofing material and can escalate to as high as $2000 per square if a person decides that they want to use slate tiles. This is one area where a homeowner can cut costs by replacing their roof with roofing material that is inexpensive.

An experienced roofer will do more than just look at a roof that needs replacing. They will get up onto the roof and examine the shingles, underlayment and decking and make sure that all of it is still in good shape. Without having a roofer complete this step, a homeowner may not realize that the decking has patches of rotten wood. If this is the case, it will escalate the cost as deteriorated or rotten underlayment or decking will need to be replaced as well.

The local climate will also change certain aspects of a roofing job. In areas that are prone to harsh weather, extra layers of protection may be needed. This is usually satisfied by adding extra layers of underlayment, which will ensure that outside elements stay out of a house, but this also means that more layers will require extra cash from a homeowner.

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