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Morris County Roofers: Article About Homeowners Should Winterize Their Roof

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Winter weather can cause problems for roofs that are not ready for the cold and snow. Fortunately, Morris County roofers can help homeowners make sure that their roof is ready for even the coldest winter. One of the biggest problems that plague homeowners in cold climates is the formation of ice dams along roof valleys and eaves. These ice dams can lead to water leaks as well as damage to the roof deck, interior walls, ceilings and even the attic's insulation. The best way to protect a home from ice dams is to take measures to ensure the roof stays cool, even on the underside.

A leading roofing contractor can inspect a roof to make sure it is ready for winter. Small problems, such as missing shingles, should be taken care of before the snow falls. If the roof isn't properly protected, when spring arrives and snow begins to melt, the roof will likely develop leaks.

Of course, roof leaks from ice dams are also a major concern. In addition to making sure that the outside of the roof is in good condition, a roofing professional should inspect the attic for signs of trouble. Water marks or dark streaks down trusses or joists can indicate a previous water leak. Sometimes, homeowners have water leaks for a long time before they discover the problem. This can cause extensive damage and expensive repair bills.

If there is any sign of previous water leaks, the contractor will need to make sure the leak is fixed before more damage occurs.

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A reputable contractor will also check the level of insulation in the attic as well as whether the attic has sufficient ventilation.

Many homeowners don't realize that it is important to keep their attic cool during the winter. A roof that is warm on the underside can lead to ice dams and, eventually, to water leaks. Keeping an attic cool might not seem like a difficult task, but it is not always as easy as one might think. It's not unusual to find ducts that leak, for example. This can be wasteful in terms of the money a homeowner spends on heating, and it can also contribute to attic overheating. Likewise, gaps around vents and other obtrusions that pass through the attic can allow warm air to enter the space.

The attic should be properly sealed with insulation whose R value is suitable for the local climate. This is key to creating the cool environment a roof needs during the winter. Of course, insufficient airflow can also pose a problem, so attic fans and vents can be installed to help draw in cool air while moving the warm air out. A professional roofing contractor will be able to make sure the attic and roof are ready for winter.

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