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Morris County Roofers: Article About How To Prevent A Roof Collapse

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As Morris County roofers know all too well, a roof collapse is a major problem that can occur when too much weight is applied to the roof of a residential home due to pooling water or the buildup of snow. It's important for homeowners to understand how much weight their roofs can bear and what steps need to be taken to prevent a disastrous cave in from occurring during the winter season.

One of the first steps in preventing a roof collapse is to remove any snow that has piled up after a heavy storm. Homeowners can use a snow rake that has a long extension arm to avoid having to use a ladder or climb on the roof. This type of equipment makes it easy to remove the snow while staying safely on the ground. If a homeowner doesn't have a snow rake, a shovel is a great alternative to remove the snow, but one must use care when using a shovel to avoid damaging the roof. Homeowners who must use a ladder should be secured to the home to prevent falling if they lose their balance. Typical houses can support up to 20 pounds per square foot of snow weight. So, if a major storm hits or snow has been piling throughout the season, it's important to clear the roof before the snow weight reaches the danger zone.

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Beyond simply removing the snow, heat cables can also be installed to guarantee that the snow does not continue to accumulate and place more weight on the building. The cables offer excellent protection against roof collapses and can be easily installed with the help of professional roofers.

In addition to other preventative measures, homeowners should also check the condition of their rain gutters, which will help the melted snow properly flow off of the building. Proper water flow will prevent the gutters from freezing and will protect the roof from water related damage.

Finally, it's also important to look for common signs that the roof is under too much pressure. Signs include doors that are sticking or difficult to open and pipes that are making more noise than normal. Homeowners with flat roofs should pay even closer attention to these signs because a flat roof system is much more vulnerable to collapse than sloped systems.

Overall, roofers recommend continuously removing the old snow that begins to pile to prevent it from adding too much pressure on the building. Older snow can become more dense and heavy as it solidifies over time.

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