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When a home is not staying cool in the summer or warm in the winter, there are likely underlying problems with the home that must be addressed. It is possible that the insulation in the roof has been damaged or degraded, for example, and must be replaced. When dealing with such an issue, certified Morris County roofers can be contacted for a fast and convenient repair.

Homes that are poorly insulated will have a few telling signals, but prior knowledge must be obtained in order to know the warning signs. During colder months, observe home exteriors after a freshly fallen snow. The homes that have standing snow are properly insulated. Likewise, the roofs that are clear or those that have melting snow are poorly insulated. This is indicative of the fact that the warm air inside the building is rising up and escaping through the roof, instead of staying trapped inside. Another clue is if the typical bill for energy costs becomes abnormally high over a period of time, or if it appears as though the house simply does not stay at a consistent temperature and must be constantly adjusted.

The reapplication of insulation is a multiple step process. Before any work can begin, the square footage of the attic interior must be measured.

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This can be easily accomplished by taking measurements of the interior length by width and multiplying the result. When the insulation is bought, the exact quantity does not need to be precise, though it is better to figure out a longer dimension than a shorter one in this case.

If the insulation is bought in rolls, then they must be cut by hand to fit the gap between the rafters. Again, it is best to measure and cut slightly longer than the actual length or width that is needed, as the extra material can still be packed into the opening. Installation is relatively easy, though protective gear should be worn, as the insulation is an irritant against exposed skin and eyes. Furthermore, an air mask should be worn at all times.

Once the installation is complete, a layer of plastic sheeting should be used to cover the fiberglass sheets. This will provide an extra skin of protection over the panels that were just installed. This layer is easily fitted into place, as it simply requires the plastic sheets to be measured and cut as before, then stapled to the rafters.

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