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Insulating an attic is one of the easiest and most affordable ways to extend the lifespan of a roofing system. This action also helps to lower a home's heating and cooling costs and keeps the home's interior at a more comfortable temperature and humidity level. Most insulation installation projects are best left to professionals like Morris County roofers who understand the intricacies of working in tight attic spaces and are familiar with the nuances of complex roofing materials.

While most homeowners are familiar with the placement of insulation around an attic's ceilings and flooring, many are surprised to learn that the roof's trusses, rafters, joists and beams can also be insulated. Placing insulation around the roof's trusses, which are the triangular shaped wooden structures that make up the roof's peak and sides, helps to make the wood last longer and protects it from warping, mold, mildew and insect infestations. Spray foam insulation does a good job of this, as it adheres to the wood without any need for fasteners or adhesives.

Sprayed foam insulation can also be used in the roof's eaves. This hard to reach space is also the location where heat loss leads to the most problems. Hot air leaking through the eaves is the most common cause of ice dams, which can do significant damage to a roofing system and the inside of the house.

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While applying the sprayed foam to the tiny voids in the roof's eaves, the roofers will take care to avoid the soffit vents and other ventilation ports. These venting systems must remain open in order for fresh air to come inside and displace hot air that rises to the attic's peak.

If the attic used to have many cables and cords running through it, such as for hardwired cable television service, satellite dishes that are no longer in use or TV antennas that have long since been removed from the rooftop, the roofers can remove the old cables and fill up the holes with sprayed foam. The foam will expand to fill the void so that hot or cold attic air cannot leak into the home's living spaces.

Although spray foam insulation can be used in most parts of an attic and the underside of the roof, there are a couple of spots where it should not be applied. The foam should not be sprayed onto the attic access door, as it will expand too much for the door to easily open and close. Openings for attic fans should also be avoided.

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