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Despite rising costs, wood shake and shingles remain a popular option among consumers due to longevity, but also are chosen because of the wood aesthetic. Wood shingles are a natural, organic product, and even when they're treated, they'll eventually discolor. Therefore, homeowners considering a wood roof should understand how it will age and the available options to mitigate that aged look.

Many professionals recommend embracing the aging of a wood roof rather than resisting it, due to the cost and effort involved. For homeowners willing to maintain the original look regardless of the challenges, regular pressure cleaning is an option. This process is similar to pressure cleaning a deck, but the work is more treacherous and difficult, and therefore more expensive. It's also important to note that wood shingles are easily damaged through pressure cleaning. Due to this, such work should only be performed by experienced, professional Morris County roofers.

For homeowners willing to let their wood roofs gray naturally, the biggest challenge is avoiding other discolorations. Moss, for instance, is common on wood roofs, and even when it doesn't grow in abundance, it can cause a greenish or dark discoloration that blotches the roof. The most effective way to avoid such discoloration is by applying a mixture of water and oxygen bleach, or a similar solution, with a pump sprayer.

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If the moss or other growth is a consistent problem, then a homeowner can overcome it by installing copper or zinc flashing along the ridgeline.

An alternative to letting a wood roof age naturally is to stain it. Wood shingles and shake can be stained just like a wood deck or wood fence can. It should be noted that while staining can increase curbside appeal, it has little to no effect on the longevity of the shingles. Additionally, a wood roof tends to age and discolor less evenly than a wood deck, and this unevenness will still be apparent through the stain.

Painting is an alternative to staining that will hide uneven discoloration. The challenge with paint, including oil paint, is durability. Consider that siding paint on the side of a house in direct sunlight most of the day may not even last three years. Roof conditions are even harsher. A painted wood roof is an attractive look, but homeowners should be prepared that repainting every couple of years may be necessary. After all, an unattended painted roof will look much worse than a roof that grays naturally.

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