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Most homeowners think of their roof in terms of only the shingles. However, there are many layers that make up a complete roofing system. For homeowners that will be hiring Morris County roofers in the near future, it is best to understand all of the parts of a roof and know what to expect when comparing pricing on the various materials that will be used in a roof repair or replacement.

Shingles are the outer surface of the roof and are sold by square footage. There are many different types of shingles, but the most common is the asphalt three tab variety. These are flat pieces of heavy felt that has been impregnated with asphalt to provide a shell for the other layers of roofing. Other types of outer roofing materials include: dimensional shingles, wood shingles and clay tiles.

Beneath the outermost layer of the roof is another sheet of felt called the underlayment. This acts as a secondary line of defense to keep moisture out of the house in the event that some shingles are damaged or unevenly laid. Underlayments come in different weights for more or less protection, and can also be made of synthetic materials. Unfortunately, not all of these newer synthetic underlayments have been approved by some building codes, so homeowners and roofing professionals need to be cognizant of how those codes affect their options.

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This layer of the roof also typically has strips of aluminum installed to direct water away from edges and corners where shingles do not provide adequate protection. These aluminum pieces are called flashing.

Below the underlayment is a solid layer of wood or other material called the decking. Plywood decking is most common, but oriented strand board is also available at a slightly higher cost per sheet. In addition, some decking uses brackets and joints to hold pieces in position over time while other designs use a tongue and groove system to reduce the amount of gap space between two pieces of decking and provide a more even surface for attaching the outer layers of the roof.

All of these layers are a necessary part of a complete roof. In some cases, it is possible to add a layer of fresh shingles over an old roof, but this can only be done a couple of times before a whole new system is needed. Once this happens, a homeowner can expect to spend more by replacing the complete system, rather than just one layer.

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