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A roof is designed to keep water, along with other elements, from getting into a home. However, preventing water from making its way into a house isn't as simple as it seems, and a roof must employ a variety of systems to keep leaks from developing. If these systems don't work properly, it can lead to all kinds of damage in a home. Therefore, it is essential that homeowners have Morris County roofers check roofs for leaks on a regular basis.

When water gets into a home, it can cause a wide variety of damage. Leaks can warp roof support structures, including rafters and joists, and make them more fragile and less able to support weight. When insulation becomes damp, it is less effective at preventing heat transfer.

Leaks can also lead to an infestation of mold, which can make its way into one's air ducts. When this happens, getting rid of mold can be incredibly difficult. Water also does not play well with wiring, especially electrical wires, so shorts may develop when leaks make their way into a home's electrical components.

When roofers do an inspection, they will look in a number of places for signs of water damage.

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One of the first places they may look is the roof deck. When shingles and weatherproofing materials, such as flashing and underlayment, are doing their job, the roof deck should stay completely dry even after a heavy storm. Dark spots on the roof deck indicate the presence of moisture, which needs to be addressed right away.

Roofers will also frequently check to see if there are shingles missing or if any are damaged or torn. Additionally, they will inspect weatherproofing to make sure it is in good condition and providing complete coverage. Both shingles and weatherproofing can be spot replaced as long as the damage is not too extensive. An inspection will also generally include a search for mold or damp areas and any indications of warped or bowed rafters or supports.

Homeowners may also be able to identify leaks on their own. Moldy smells in the attic are a frequent sign of a leak. Additionally, people may see water stains on their ceiling or walls.

It is important that leaks are resolved as soon as possible. The longer that a leak exists, the more damage it is liable to do. A simple and inexpensive repair may turn into a very costly and extensive one if someone puts off calling a roofing service to find the cause of the issue and address it.

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