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Many homeowners have misconceptions about roof damage, including what can cause that damage or what they should do if they believe their roof needs maintenance or repair. Morris County roofers frequently communicate with homeowners who are experiencing indecision or reluctance regarding having their roof inspected following a major storm.

Often, homeowners believe that since they can't see any damage, the roof must be all right. Nevertheless, they may still feel uneasy due to the severity of the storm or because many homes in the neighborhood received damage. Here are some facts to help make the decision easier.

The total estimated destruction caused by wind and hail totaled just under $4 billion in 2012. The entirety of this enormous sum was not due to roof damage alone. However, the roof of a home or business tends to be the most vulnerable area of the structure for storm related damage.

Hail is a major culprit in terms of causing roof damage. In hail prone areas, annual costs range from $250 million to $1 billion in damages each year. Hailstones come in a variety of sizes, ranging from pea sized to the largest recorded stone, which had a diameter of 8 inches and weighed just under 2 pounds.

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Hail doesn't need to be especially large or heavy to damage shingles due to its velocity at impact.

Storms are not the only problem. Asphalt shingles can also suffer from exposure to sunlight and temperature changes. In fact, in some climates, asphalt can show serious signs of wear five years after installation, especially if the shingles were initially of a lower quality. Because of this, the roof may require repair without ever having received any obvious or direct damage. This makes it a good idea to have an asphalt shingle roof inspected on an annual basis to catch problems when they are easier to fix.

Manufacturer's warranties generally do not cover damage caused by natural phenomena, including weather events. They only cover defects in the manufacturing of the roofing components. This means that most homeowners must rely on their home insurance coverage to take care of necessary roof repairs or replacement.

The biggest misconception about roof damage is that serious damage is always visible to the observer. Frequently, this is not the case, especially in cases where leaks have developed or are beginning to develop between shingles, around flashing or in other difficult to view areas. This is why it is important for homeowners to consider a roof inspection on a regular basis as well as after severe weather, especially high winds and hail.

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