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Homeowners across the country are noticing slate for its long lifespan, distinct appeal and ability to withstand damage from fire. Still, every roofing material has its downfalls. The purpose of the information provided below is not to deter potential homeowners from selecting slate. Rather, it is meant to give the homeowner a more complete picture of the roofing material. Many homeowners don't know what to ask when speaking to the Morris County roofers. It is advisable to discuss both the positive and negative side of every available material with the installers before making a final selection.

The first thing homeowners should know about slate is that the material is one of the priciest roofing options. For this reason, slate is typically installed on historic homes. There are ranges in pricing, however, and homeowners can choose among varieties of synthetic slate materials that are cheaper.

A second drawback to slate is its difficulty of installation. Because slate is a relatively new option in the roofing market, many roofers may still be unaccustomed to the procedures necessary for its installation. Many contractors may go ahead and perform the installation, despite having never attempted the process with slate roof before. While slate can last for over 100 years, it will break down well before the end of its natural lifespan if it is not installed correctly.

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Slate typically has a lifespan longer than one can expect to live in their home. Unfortunately, the material is easily broken. If one decides to walk along the roof and has very little knowledge of how to walk on slate, the tiles will crumble under their feet. This threat may not exist with regards to the actions of roofing contractors. However, many types of repairmen or servicemen may need access to the roof or the rafters. A cable installer, for instance, can wreak havoc on a slate roof.

Lastly, slate is quite heavy. One roofing tile of slate of 100 square feet can weigh anywhere from 800 to 1,500 pounds. This means that the roof and the home's structural foundation must be thoroughly inspected before deciding if slate if the correct choice.

There are many reasons to consider slate. It can last beyond a century, it is fire resistant and it is an attractive option for the home. Slate is also quite expensive, hard to install, easily broken and heavy. Homeowners should take the time to consider every roofing option, along with its pros and cons.

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