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If it is time to replace the roof, a homeowner will need to find a qualified roofing company. A homeowner should ensure the Morris County roofers they hire have a good reputation and will be able to do the job right. A written contract will ensure there will be no added costs. When evaluating different roofers, homeowners need to make sure certain requirements are in place. Once a homeowner has the information gathered by going through the checkpoints on each roofing company, they will be able to assess and choose the right one for their roof repairs or replacement.

A homeowner needs to find out if the roofer is licensed. Many states require a roofer to be licensed, so a homeowner should research the licensing requirements for roofers in their area. If a license is required, hold the roofing company accountable by checking if they have one that is up to date.

Homeowner should find out if the roofing company has workers' compensation insurance and general liability insurance, which are imperative. A roofing company needs to have both of these insurances for a homeowner to be covered if problems occur.

It is required by law for contractors to cover their employees by having workers' compensation insurance.

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If they do not have this type of insurance, a homeowner can be sued for medical expenses if a worker is injured on the homeowner's property.

Although not required by law, general liability insurance is carried by roofing companies that are above board. This insurance will cover the loss of property if the roofing company should do something wrong. For instance, if the company accidentally damages the home while putting on a new roof, the repair cost would be covered by the liability insurance.

It is also important to find out if the roofing company offers a written estimate. Being able to compare estimates makes finding a qualified roofer easier. After the choice is made, when all the work and cost is written out by the contractor, a homeowner has a legal document to hold the company accountable for the work that should be done.

Discovering what types of warranties roofing companies offer for the roof they install is essential. Offering at least a 15 year warranty on a new roof may be acceptable, but getting a warranty that lasts for 25 years is the best type of warranty offered for a shingled roof. A homeowner needs to realize, however, that a warranty isn't always up to just the roofer. It is also contingent on what type of materials a homeowner chooses.

Finding a qualified roofing company takes time, but it is in a homeowner's best interest to take the time and effort when getting their roof replaced.

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