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During the winter season, snow can be one of the most damaging elements to residential roofs. Although it may not seem dangerous to have a bit of snowfall, it can actually lead to a roof collapse and extensive damage to the home. To prevent the structure from caving in and threatening the safety of residents, there are a few steps to take this season with Morris County roofers.

One of the main reasons that snow begins to put too much pressure on a roof is because it becomes too heavy. Several inches of snow can begin to weaken the roof deck, especially with older snow than can begin to become denser and solidify after several days. New snow is naturally lighter after it falls. It's important for homeowners to scrap off preexisting snow on the roof with a snow rake by starting on the edge of the structure while working their way up. This will make it easy to do a little at a time and prevent too much snow from falling off at once. Roofs that were built before 2000 that are constructed with steel may be weaker than other structures.

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Ultimately, homeowners need to be aware of their home's roof capacity to determine when to begin removing snow from the roof.

The gutters should also be cleaned out before the season begins to ensure that water can flow through. This will also avoid ice accumulation, which is known to contribute to a roof collapse. The gutters should be cleaned out each week from leaves.

Heat cables should also be used to allow the snow to melt in a steady manner. This will allow more moisture to drain off of the home and be channeled away from the building with the use of rain gutters. The cables will prevent too much snow from building up over time and placing a lot of weight on the roof. Each roof differs on the amount of weight that it can hold but most homes can hold up to 4 feet of snow at a time.

It's crucial to call a professional roofer if the structure begins to sag on certain areas or if doors begin to pop open in the home. Sheared off screws from steel frames and cracks that are visible on the walls are additional signs that the roof is at risk of caving in. Leaks or dripping moisture from the ceiling also a red flag that the roofing materials are not durable.

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