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Aside from heavy rain or high winds, termites can cause a significant amount of damage to roofs. Although most infestations start small, they can grow at an alarming rate and silently destroy the structure. Homeowners can prevent this problem altogether by following a few tips and making use of a Morris County roofers services.

A common way that homeowners unknowingly attract termites to their property is by leaving debris in the yard, which often works as a food source. Everything from woodpiles to lumber can attract insects, especially when they're located right next to the building. Instead, homeowners can easily relocate the piles to other areas that are several feet away from the roof or are on a platform, lifted off the ground.

Improper drainage should be fixed immediately on areas that include leaky rain gutters or downspouts where termites can feed. There should also not be any standing water that is near air conditioning drip lines or faucets. Moist leaves that do not get cleaned out of gutters can welcome the small pests to the roof.

Overhanging tree limbs that are almost touching the roof should also be trimmed back by a landscaper due to shelter areas they create. This can cause leaves to fall on the roof and into gutters, even if they've been cleaned recently.

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Mulch that is on the foundation can also pose as an additional problem, due to ideal conditions that often welcome termites. Although it may be an attractive feature on the property, it can be an expensive problem if termites find the mulch. Experts recommend raking mulch four inches back from the foundation of the home to reduce the risk of an infestation.

Some roofing materials are more prone to termite infestations than others. Products like wood shakes may easily suffer from termite damage a number of times, which can be both frustrating and expensive for homeowners. In this case, it may be worth the cost to invest in a new roof that has slate or clay tiles installed.

Another step to take is to have routine inspections performed on the roof every few months. A professional roofer can come out to the property to inspect the roofing materials and identify areas that may be affected by the insects. If an infestation is in the initial stages, it can easily be remedied by a termite control professional. The entire area can also be treated with chemicals as a preventative measure to keep the pests away.

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