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Cedar roofs are a beautiful and natural alternative to traditional asphalt shingles. They've been used on homes for centuries for their aesthetic appeal and numerous benefits. That being said, cedar roofs aren't for everyone. Before installing these types of roofs, homeowners should learn about their advantages and disadvantages. Understanding the pros and cons of cedar roofing will make it easier for homeowners to decide if it is a good fit for their home before contacting Morris County roofers for installation.

Aside from their obvious beauty, these environmentally friendly roofs are also incredibly versatile. Depending on their personal aesthetic preference, homeowners can have a cedar roof installed in shingles for a more refined look or shakes for something a bit more organic. Homeowners may even be able to choose the specific type of cedar used. There are many different species used to create color variations and textures.

Cedar roofs are also quite durable and effective in protecting the home. With proper care, these roofs are known to last well over 50 years. Furthermore, issues with the roof can usually be fixed by simply replacing worn and cracked pieces. This saves money in the long run while also extending the life of the overall roof. In terms of protection, cedar roofs are naturally resistant to weather damage and bugs. The natural oils of the wood prevent insect infestations and help it to withstand extreme temperature changes. This also helps with thermal resistance. Cedar roofs ultimately reduce energy costs by keeping the home at a steady temperature.

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The main disadvantage of owning a cedar roof is maintenance. Because it is a natural product, these roofs require constant care. Homeowners must regularly remove debris, such as snow and leaves. This helps avoid drainage and ventilation issues that could damage the wood. Every few years, homeowners will also have to thoroughly clean the roof to get rid of algae and moss. The replacement of certain parts of the roof, such as the ridge cap, must also be done every decade or so to ensure that the roof lasts.

Another disadvantage of cedar roofing is cost. When compared to synthetic materials, cedar costs can be substantial. Additional installation steps may also increase the overall cost of the roof. For example, special substrates must be installed underneath to increase ventilation. Additionally, cedar roofs must be sprayed with a fire retardant to make them safe. Natural treatments must be used on the wood to protect its natural finish, which could add further costs.

Overall, cedar roofs are a beautiful option for homeowners who don't mind the upkeep. With proper care and maintenance, these roofs can be a better choice than traditional roofing materials. They add a unique look to any home and protect it just as well as, if not better than, other alternatives. Homeowners can consult with a professional to decide if a cedar roof is the right choice.

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