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Deciding which type of material to use for a new roof on an existing home can be a challenge. One of the many options homeowners can choose is wood shakes, which are beautiful and durable. However, homeowners should look at all the pros and cons before choosing a particular type of roofing material.

Wood shakes can be installed in almost any type of climate. They are resistant to sun damage and insects. However, if they are exposed to prolonged wetness and cannot dry out properly, they may grow mold and fungus. Some shakes may even start to rot.

Cost is another factor when considering the installation of wood shakes. Depending on the type and style, installing a wood shake roof can cost as much as five times more than a traditional composite shingle roof. This is because the materials are usually pricier, and the cost of installation is higher because the homeowner must choose a Morris County roofers with experience in installing wood shakes. Improper installation can damage the shakes and significantly shorten the roof's expected lifespan. If the roof is installed correctly, it can last between 20 and 60 years with proper maintenance. Composite shingles, by comparison, only last between 15 and 25 years.

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Wood shakes do not typically have any type of fire resistance, unfortunately. This means that if a burning ember lands on the roof, the shakes may ignite. Fire retardants can be applied to the shingles to give them a measure of fire protection. Homeowners can also consider buying pressure treated shakes, which last longer than traditional shakes and are more fire resistant.

Cedar and wood shakes are great for the environment. The shakes come from renewable sources. They can help insulate the attic, which decreases heating and cooling bills, and they are biodegradable.

In addition, wooden shakes do not retain their color and will fade over time with exposure and wear and tear. Most homeowners can expect their shakes to fade to a weather gray. However, this does not diminish their ability to protect the home.

Wood shakes must be periodically inspected and maintained. While insect infestations are incredibly rare, they can, on occasion, occur. When this happens, the infestation must be destroyed and the affected shakes must be replaced. The same is true if rot, mold or fungus is found on the shingles. The good news is that replacing a few shingles is much less costly than replacing the entire roof. It can take a few years, however, before the newer shingles naturally fade to match the color of the old shingles.

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