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Some homeowners want more than the traditional asphalt shingles for their roof. There are several Morris County roofers who specialize in the installation of slate roofing materials. Slate is a durable surface that will last longer than the average human lifespan. The material also gives any home an added design improvement. Below are several reasons why a homeowner might select slate tile to go atop their home.

Homeowners choose slate for their roof for many reasons. However, far and above all of them is the beauty this surface adds to any roof. Made out of natural stone materials, the appeal is both elegant and unique. Slate also comes in various sizes, colors and shape configurations, giving homeowners full customization of their roof. Some of the common color options include gray, black, green, purple, red and mixed tiles comprised of an assortment of these colors.

On top of the beauty slate gives a home, the material is also more durable than most other roofing options. Whereas asphalt will need to be replaced after 20 or 30 years, slate will last for 100 or even 150 years. Its natural durability makes it resistant to the normal wear and tear a roof may undergo.

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Under extreme conditions, slate tiles can be easily broken, however. Though they are naturally weather and corrosion resistant, the application of pressure to the surface of a slate tile can easily damage it.

This longevity means another thing: slate roofing is better for the environment. Research shows that more than five percent of the waste that makes up landfills comes from roofing materials. Because most roofs require replacement after 20 or so years, the excess parts begin to add up. Slate's durability is an advantage for environmentally friendly homeowners. A century long lifespan means less waste and a healthier planet.

Slate is also one of the most fire resistant materials available for roofing. Regardless if the home is impacted by a natural wildfire or an accidental electrical fire, the slate will act to suffocate it and prevent serious structural damage to the home. The slate will even protect the sheathing and fascia board that sits underneath. This is a major reason why many homeowners are adopting slate to cover their home.

There are many materials available on the roofing market to give the home various benefits. Slate is sought after for its beauty, longevity and protective qualities. These factors give homeowners a reason to consider slate for their latest roof installation.

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