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According to the Environmental Protection Agency, nearly two thirds of the roofing market uses asphalt shingle roofing. That includes roofing for both brand new homes and the replacement of existing roofs. The use of this roofing material generates a lot of waste, which comes from the tear off of the old roofs and from the remnants of newly installed shingles. Fortunately, asphalt shingles are highly recyclable.

When Morris County roofers tear off an old roof, they generate several potential waste materials. There's metal flashing, wood sheathing, tar paper and nails. However, the majority of the waste is the old asphalt shingles themselves. Sometimes there will even be two layers of asphalt shingles if homeowners previously had the home reroofed without a tear off.

Asphalt shingles are primarily made from four materials: fiberglass backing, asphalt cement, granules and a mineral filler material. These elements allow asphalt shingles to be recycled into roofing pavement. The asphalt cement is one of the things that makes the recycled shingles ideal as an additive to road paving materials.

Recycling asphalt shingles takes place in a few steps. First, any roofing materials that can't be recycled with the shingles need to be separated from the shingles. Then, the shingles are ground into small pieces. Most recycling centers will use a magnet to take out any remaining metal pieces, such as nails and debris.

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Finally, the shingles are processed into paving material. Waste material that's tagged along with the asphalt shingles, such as wood or metal, may also be recycled.

Roofing contractors can benefit from recycling waste shingles because it can cost less to recycle waste than to have it disposed of at a landfill. It's also beneficial because recycled shingles have been shown to improve the quality of the pavement. Paving materials that contain recycled scrap are more resistant to wear and the effects of moisture. Recycled paving also holds up better as cold patch material for potholes than other types of paving do.

Keep in mind that some states will recycle manufacturer's scrap into pavement, but they won't recycle roof tear off scrap. Additionally, there is the concern that there could be asbestos in roofing tear offs. Furthermore, roof tear off scrap has unpredictable quality levels.

Not every area has recycling facilities that are capable of processing asphalt shingles. The roofing contractor who is performing a tear off can let the homeowner know if this is an option available to them. If recycling asphalt shingles is possible, it can be a great way to benefit the environment.

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