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When gutters start to rust or are dented and sagging, it's a good idea to have Morris County roofers replace them. Leaking and clogged gutters can create a variety of expensive problems in a home, such as creating leaks in a roof and damaging soffits. Further, it can be both costly and time consuming to attempt to keep old gutters in working order.

People have a variety of materials to choose from when replacing their gutters, and different materials carry different costs and benefits. Two of the more popular gutter materials are vinyl and aluminum, in large part due to their cost. However, people may also be interested in steel and copper gutters even though they tend to be pricier.

Vinyl gutters are available at many home repair stores, and people who do their own house repairs can often install them. They are very affordable because they run as low as $3 per foot. However, they are the least durable of available gutter materials. They can easily be damaged by leaning ladders against them or even the weight of rainwater. Additionally, since they are sold in sections, over time, the seams that connect them may degrade, which leads to leaks.

Aluminum gutters are the most popular type of gutter, and they are more durable than vinyl but not terribly more expensive, with costs starting at around $5 per foot.

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They can still be damaged fairly easily, at least compared to other materials, but they will not rust and are available in a wide selection of colors. Another advantage is that they can be made seamless to reduce the potential for leaks.

Galvanized steel gutters cost about the same as aluminum gutters per foot, but they are stronger and better able to resist damage. However, they can rust over time if they are not painted on the inside and out, and this may need to be done multiple times to ensure that they are protected.

There are also stainless steel gutters available, which are very, very durable, and they will not rust. However, they are much more expensive than aluminum or galvanized steel and are typically priced two or three times the cost per foot.

Cooper gutters are another more expensive but sturdy material. They are strong enough to withstand ladders being leaned on them without developing dents, and they can even sometimes withstand trees falling on them without sustaining damage. They cost about $15 to $20 per foot and do not rust.

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