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Morris County Roofers: Article About Residential Redwood Shingle Benefits

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A wood roofing system can provide the home with a wide variety of unique advantages, especially in areas that are fit to accommodate its rustic appeal. Morris County roofers will provide homeowners with numerous options when it comes to selecting the right wood for the installation, but it is recommended for homeowners to think about what they need first before they finalize any investments. One of the most durable and efficient systems that homeowners can use for their rooftop is redwood. By learning more about the advantages of redwood shingles, it can be easy for homeowners to make the most of their future installation.

One of the first advantages homeowners can enjoy is the fact that redwood shingles are an excellent way to prevent cracks and other common UV issues. Redwood does not fade as quickly when it is out in the sun, and it will not need to be stained as frequently as other wood materials to retain its rich, red color.

Redwood is one of the most durable materials available. This material can handle physical trauma and substantial pressure, so falling tree branches or the weight of a live load won't cause any problems. It can be one of the most advantageous systems to purchase for homeowners who live in areas that frequently experience harsh rains and snows.

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This material is also capable of withstanding thermal shock. Because of how dense redwood is, it will be able to keep up with thermal expansion and contraction as the seasons change. Other systems may warp or suffer from mechanical faults, but redwood can help homeowners enjoy a roofing system that will be kept in shape for years to come.

Because of how reliable the material is, homeowners can expect a relatively maintenance free installation. Most wood shingle systems do not need to be maintained often, and redwood is particularly durable when it comes to resisting damage and the need for repairs. New homeowners who want to reduce their yearly maintenance plans should be sure to invest in this surface.

Finally, redwood can be a very environmentally sound investment. These shingles are cut from redwood trees, which are regulated to ensure that future generations of growing trees survive. Homeowners can also expect to reduce their carbon footprint because of how long lasting these shingles are. The longer these roofing systems last, the less trees will need to be cut down because of products that are still in use.

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