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Rain gutters serve a vital role in protecting the home against water damage. The primary purpose of rain gutters is to channel water from the roof away from the base of a structure to protect its foundation. The rain gutters also reduce erosion in the yard and prevent crawlspaces and basements from developing leaks.

Roofs are constructed to quickly shed water and prevent moisture from entering a building. The slopes of the roof concentrate rainwater around the edge of the structure that would typically be dispersed over a wide area. If there were no gutters, large quantities of water would collect around the base of a structure, resulting in flooding and erosion damage. The gutters surrounding the eaves of a structure move the water through downspouts to the base of the structure and then channel it to areas where it can do little harm.

Morris County receives about 85 inches of precipitation each year. Fifty inches of rain and 35 inches of snow challenge Morris County roofers who work to prevent this water from damaging homes and buildings. The wide range of temperatures the county experiences create more difficulties for gutters and roofs, of which residents need to be aware. Roofing professionals are keen to provide buildings with the proper water drainage system for the structures they are protecting.

A variety of materials are used to create gutter systems.

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Each type of gutter serves the same purpose, but different materials will pose their own installation and maintenance challenges. Cast iron, steel, copper, aluminum and other materials all are used to create gutters and each provide individual aesthetic qualities. Box gutters, for instance, are installed within the structure of the roof and are therefore less noticeable.

When water accumulates around the foundation of a building due to a faulty gutter system, it can wreak havoc on the poured concrete supporting the structure. Water can dissolve the materials, which comprise the concrete, and slowly erode the materials that make up the base of the house. Immense pressures can also build up in saturated soils and push in on the building foundation walls. The water pressure can produce cracks in the concrete and basement floors. These cracks will then allow water into the basement, or they can fill with ice, breaking apart a larger amount of the building's concrete.

Keeping gutters free of obstruction and intact so that rainwater may flow is the first step to keeping a foundation safe. If water is allowed to soak into the ground surrounding a structure, the effects can be devastating. Making sure the roof and its gutter components are well maintained should be a priority of homeowners.

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