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Morris County Roofers: Article About Roof Maintenance and Repair Before Winter

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Severe weather, such as extreme cold and high temperatures, can greatly affect roof systems as it brings about weathering, wear and tear. Proper maintenance and repair can rid the roof system of severe problems before the winter season.

Defects, especially those that occur on the roofing membrane, require homeowners to take immediate action. Some of these defects include splits, holes and openings in the roof membrane and at the seams. Other defects worth addressing are ridges and blisters in the roof membrane.

Homeowners are advised to hire professional Morris County roofers to inspect the roof membranes and seams before winter. A professional roofing contractor can help homeowners identify issues such as potential fastener movement that may damage the roofing membrane. They also can identify areas that show loss of attachment because of openings or splits.

Several studies show that an estimated 70 percent of all leaks occur at the point of roof penetrations and flashings. It is imperative that these areas are inspected carefully for possible leaks or defects before winter. If professional roofing contractors are hired, they should be directed to check all flashing points including the chimney, penetrations, walls and accessories.

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Common types of defects that occur on roof flashings are splits and openings. These defects need to be repaired prior to winter.

Other trouble spots may contribute to secondary problems if they are not attended to before winter storms. For instance, rain gutters may be clogged with debris, which causes ice damming during winter. Homeowners should remove any debris from the rain gutters to let melted ice flow off the roof. Certain types of debris can cause damage to the flashing material or membrane.

Gutters, scuppers and roof drains should be cleaned prior to winter. In addition, excessive snow and ice should be removed from the roof systems. This is done to reduce the load weight on the roof drains or gutters. If homeowners decide to perform all this maintenance, they should be certain that other delicate components of the roof are not damaged in the process. Tools, such as plastic shovels and a roof rake, are recommended when removing snow from the roof membrane surface.

Weak joints should be fastened before winter. Gutters may have weak joints, which may be damaged due to the extra weight added by the ice. Homeowners need to check for missing nails and replace them since they also might lead to weak roofing systems.

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