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Morris County roofers realize that for most homeowners, the number one factor that determines whether they will replace or repair a roof is their budget. Most homeowners simply cannot afford the thousands of dollars required to replace their entire roof. Many homeowners will procrastinate doing a complete roof repair for as long as they possibly can. A good contractor will never want to push a homeowner into a roof replacement if they have not received the full life out of their existing roof.

When doing an evaluation, many roofing contractors will first walk on the roof. They will look at the flashing details, pipe towers and the chimney. Their goal is to identify any signs of failure in the sheathing. They do this because the majority of shingle roofs do not leak where there are shingles but instead in areas where there is flashing.

While on the roof, contractors will look for shingle granule loss. If the vast majority of the shingles have a good percentage of their granules, a contractor may opt to repair the bad shingles, fix any problems with the flashing, seal up any openings in vents and pipes and do other minor repairs that can extend the life of the roof.

It is good for a contractor to speak to a homeowner after the roof inspection to lay out the pros and cons of doing a repair versus replacing the entire roof.

The roofers from Peter W Smith Construction in Morris County NJ would be happy to answer any questions you have about gutters or roof repair.

Contractors should help homeowners to see how much longer the roof will last with only minor repairs and at what point they will have no choice but to replace the roof. Additionally, homeowners should understand that the accumulating cost of making multiple repairs may eventually equal that of purchasing a new roof straight out.

Good communication is needed between the contractor and the homeowner. Contractors can help homeowners understand when their roof has reached the point of no repair. For example, if there are multiple missing shingles, severe damage to the decking or underlayment, or shingles have cracked or show signs of blistering or buckling, then replacement may be the only viable option.

When a problem area is identified, the contractor should encourage the homeowner to take quick action. Delaying to repair even a small problem will accelerate the need to do a complete reroofing job and will drastically increase the cost of installing a new roof. Homeowners should understand that if their roof is more than 20 years old and the shingles are badly damaged, the time has come to do a complete replacement.

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