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Morris County Roofers: Article About Roof Warranty Limits and Voids

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A roof warranty is important and can protect a building owner from additional costs associated with premature roof failure and damage. As with most warranties, roof warranties can be inadvertently voided if the roof is dealt with improperly. It is important for a building owner to understand what may void their warranty. Morris County roofers can help a building owner understand how a roofing project may impact their warranty and what other options to consider.

The easiest way to void a warranty is to have the roof improperly installed. If any portion of a roof is not built or installed according to industry regulations, some or all parts of the roof warranty may be voided. This is one of the most important reasons why roof jobs are not DIY projects and require the help of a professional who will not void any warranties.

Improper roof ventilation may void a warranty because most manufacturers consider it an easily avoidable problem. All attics should have the proper number of vents installed, and those vents should not be blocked by insulation. This precaution will not only protect the warranty, it will also protect the overall integrity and lifespan of the roof by preventing overheating and ice damming.

Installing certain features on the roof, such as solar panels and satellite dishes, may void shingle warranties.

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In these cases, the manufacturer is mostly worried about penetrations or other damage caused by the installation. The specifics vary by manufacturer, and it is important to go over the fine print with a contractor before doing any installation. Often, the warranty may only be voided on the shingles directly around the site of installation.

Not providing the roof with annual maintenance is a sure way to void most warranties. Some homeowners mistakenly believe they can skimp on roof inspection, cleaning and annual maintenance and be covered when a problem occurs. This is usually not the case, and the homeowner will be left with a much bigger repair or replacement bill after a problem than if they had paid for routine maintenance.

Pressure washing, scraping or scrubbing a roof may also void a warranty. These are considered intentionally damaging actions that have been consistently shown to destroy roofs and shingles. A warranty will typically not cover any damage that is shown to be intentional. Professional inspectors can almost always spot shingle damage that is intentional or due to power washing compared to natural wind or storm damage.

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