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Roofs have a load bearing capacity, which is a term that refers to the amount of weight that the roof can hold up. If the load bearing capacity is exceeded, it may lead to a partial or total roof collapse. When a roof is holding up more weight than it was designed for, it may also cause damage to other support structures in a home, such as load bearing walls.

There are a number of indications that a roof is struggling under excessive weight, and people should call Morris County roofers at the first sign of trouble. A roofing company can inspect a roof and determine if there is an issue, and the sooner that a problem is identified, the less damage that will be done.

Some of the signs that a roof may collapse are creaking sounds coming from the roof, sagging sections of roofing, cracks on outside walls and problems opening doors and windows. When a roof deck or supporting beams and rafters are slowing giving way, they may make creaking or shifting noises.

An indication that a partial collapse may be imminent is when sections of a roof sag. Even if the roof as a whole can support a certain amount of weight, a roof deck may not be able to hold up a large amount of weight in a particular spot.

The roofing contractors from Peter W Smith Construction of Morris County would be happy to answer any questions you have about siding repair or roof replacement.

It is not uncommon for depressions to form in the roof where large amounts of water or snow collect.

When there is an enormous amount of weight on a roof, it will start putting pressure on the rest of the home. This can lead to cracks on outside walls, and the pressure may also make it hard to open or close windows because it is distorting the shape of these openings.

Excessive weight on a roof is frequently due to large amounts of snow or standing water, but there are a number of systems installed on roofs that can contribute to the issue. Air conditioning systems, solar panels and satellite dishes can be heavy, and their weight can add up, especially when combined with snow and rain.

Rain and snow can also add a lot of added weight to a roof, particularly if ice dams or pools of standing water form. In both cases, large amounts of water may settle into sections of a roof, and the weight of the water often makes these depressions larger. This allows more water to collect, creating an ever larger burden for the roof.

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