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A roof is built to endure different weather conditions and offer protection on the property. Although roofing products are extremely durable, they can still suffer damage from different temperatures, depending on the type of materials. For properties that are located in warm climates, there are several roofing materials to use to keep the property cool.

Metal roofs are built to last up to 50 years by Morris County roofers. They have an incredible amount of solar reflectance when in contact with UV rays. The causes less heat to be absorbed through the roof and less energy to be consumed in ventilating or air conditioning the property.

Clay tiles have been used for a number of centuries and require a minimal amount of maintenance during their lifespan. With terracotta and clay roofs, homeowners don't have to worry about the materials rusting when they're exposed to moisture. Heat is not easily absorbed through the product because each tile interlocks with one another. These tiles are not ideal for cold or wet climates, because they're prone to breaking and cracking when they're not dry. Fortunately, treating the materials with certain chemicals can help to prevent this.

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Slate tiles are recommended for their ability to insulate the home, due to their reflective properties. The natural material is extremely durable and can last around 100 years, and in some cases, even the lifetime of the house. This all-weather resistance and long lifetime is often chosen by homeowners looking for the best in roofing materials. Although it has a high cost, reclaimed or salvaged slate can be purchased, for those on a tighter budget.

EPDM membrane, or rubber membrane, roofs are recommended in hot climates. Although it's synthetic rubber, the pre-molded material is respected for its long wear and weather resistance to UV rays, using white reflective coatings. The product is not porous and stays cools, which helps to prevent both moisture and heat from being absorbed through the structure and into the building.

Concrete tiles are also used in climates that have higher temperatures, and are available in colors that attract less heat. They are highly reflective to the sun, and can easily be cleaned with a bit of power washing. When installed on roofs, the tiles can reflect up to 77 percent of the sun's rays, and will prevent heat from filtering into a building. This will ultimately help to keep the home at a comfortable temperature throughout the year.

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