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Each season brings with it a new set of concerns for a residential roofing system. Roofs may develop small problems during the spring, summer or fall that do not become evident until the wintertime. Homeowners should be aware of the top three winter roof problems so that they can arrange for trustworthy Morris County roofers to do any necessary inspections and repairs; that way, they can avoid leaks and damage to the house.

The number one roofing problem that a property owner can face in the winter is an ice dam. Ice dams are solid blocks of ice that develop at the edge of the roof. As snow melts off the upper part of the rooftop, the water doesn't have anywhere to go. In addition, heat leaking from the attic space allows for some more melting of the ice to take place. Since the gutters are obstructed and the melting water cannot flow into the downspouts, it takes the path of least resistance and seeps into the roof's wooden substructure. Experienced roofers will have the tools and equipment to safely dislodge or remove the solid chunks of ice.

Flashing leaks are another common problem that can develop on the roof during the winter season. The metal flashing strips are usually located around openings of the roof, such as around chimneys, vents and skylights.

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Rusty or loose fasteners can cause the flashing to pull away from the roof. This allows melting water to leak into the home, causing the wood to rot and damaging drywall and other parts of the structure.

Condensation is another common winter roofing issue that homeowners may discover. The most frequently affected places in the home that develop moisture include around windows and in the attic space. Condensation occurs as the result of the interaction between warm, moist indoor air and cold outdoor air. In the attic, enough condensation may develop that the growth of mold and mildew takes place. Breathing in the mold spores can cause unwanted health consequences for the members of the household. Mildew can cause the wood in the attic to warp, eventually causing it to weaken and be unable to support the heft of the roof. When condensation is around the windows, it may cause the crumbling of drywall and the peeling of wallpaper or paint. Adding insulation to the attic can reduce the development of condensation. Weather stripping or the replacement of old leaky windows with double or triple paned and insulated glass helps minimize the development of condensation around interior windows.

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