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Morris County Roofers: Article About Rooftop Solar Panel Cleaning and Maintenance

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A solar panel system can be one of the most efficient ways for homeowners to optimize their electrical spending. Because it is a self sustained system that is based around the generation of a renewable resource, homeowners can expect to save a tremendous amount of money on future energy bills. Much like any other system, however, it is common for solar panels to become dirty and require regular cleaning. Morris County roofers can provide homeowners with the desired degree of maintenance, but it is up to the customers to get the most out of their systems by engaging in the proper maintenance procedures themselves.

Homeowners should begin by gathering all of their necessary supplies. A typical solar panel cleaning kit will contain a long handled brush, a wiper and liquid soap. Individuals are strongly encouraged to invest in products that are designed specifically to help care for solar panels. Sometimes car cleaning equipment can be a good substitute, as there are many similarities in the products used.

In order to get started, homeowners should mix the soap with the water in their bucket.

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The amount of water and soap that needs to be mixed may vary from product to product, but there should always be a mild amount of soap present. Generally speaking, the same proportions used to clean a car will work well with a solar panel system. Homeowners should be sure to be gentle with the structure, though.

With the mixture ready, homeowners can begin by dipping their brush into the water and soap mixture and gently rubbing the system over their solar panels. A good way to make this process even easier is by dividing the panels into a smaller series of sections so that individuals can pay special attention to each area of the panels. The long handled cleaning system can help homeowners reach hard to get places.

Once the cleaning is done, homeowners should then proceed by wiping their solar panels while they are still moist. This is important in order to make sure that no soap is left behind on the panels, as any sort of blockage can prevent the photovoltaic cells from working as necessary. With the solar panels cleaned and wiped down, homeowners will then be able to monitor the performance of their system over the course of the next few days. The use of a special solar panel system monitor will allow individuals to determine when they need to clean their panels again in the future.

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