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When a homeowner decides to have their roof replaced, there are many important decisions to be made. Not choosing wisely can cost the homeowner extra money, time and hassle. After selecting reputable Morris County roofers, a homeowner must decide on a shingle type and color. While asphalt shingles generally offer the most color choices in roofing materials, metal, wood, slate and tile can also provide different color variations.

Selecting the right color of roof is a big decision for most homeowners. For many houses, the roof accounts for approximately 40 percent of the exterior, making it a large factor in curb appeal. Most roofs last at least 20 to 30 years, and a homeowner will be stuck with the roof color they choose for a long time. These suggestions and tips can help homeowners narrow down their choices and can aid them in choosing the best one.

Homeowners should pick a color that complements the existing colors on their home, especially the brick, since it is the most permanent color. Some homeowners make the mistake of staying too neutral with their roof color, while others match it too closely to the color of the home or choose too bold of a color.

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They can ask their roofing contractor, designers or even realtors for help in selecting the right color. Often, the roofing contractor is a good resource, as they have likely seen thousands of roofs and have a good idea of what matches and what does not.

For many homeowners, driving around their town or neighborhood to look at shingle colors can help them visualize what would look good on their home and what would not. It can also give them additional ideas. In addition, some computer applications allow homeowners to upload a picture of their home and see what it would look like with different colored roofs. Homeowners interested in this should ask their roofing contractor.

Once a homeowner has narrowed their choices down to two or three colors, they should ask their roofing contractor for shingle samples. They should place these samples up against various colors on their home, such as the doors, shutters, gutters and brick to see what it looks like. Homeowners may also want to do this at several different times of the day to see what the shingles might look like in different lighting situations.

Making a decision about shingle colors can be frustrating, overwhelming and time consuming. However, it is worth the time and effort and will increase the value of the home and its curb appeal in the long run.

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