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Wood roofs are charming and versatile enough to look striking on a sleek modern home or country cottage, but wood roofs are not for everybody, so a homeowner thinking about installing one will benefit greatly from a consultation with an expert from Morris County roofers.

A wood roof is made of shingles or shakes, and the use of one over the other is matter of personal taste as well as home style. Shingles cost less because they are machine made and consistent in size and shape. Shakes are hand split and thinner at the base than the butt. Textured and irregular, they look more rustic and cost more.

Wood roofs are usually made from cedar, which is naturally moisture resistant and bug repellent, and contains a decay preventive oil. Red cedar is the most familiar, but cedar is also available in yellow and white. Currently, white cedar is seeing more use because it comes from fast growing trees and is desirable for sustainability. Yellow cedar's tight grain makes it more water and bug repellent, but also makes it more difficult to paint or stain. All the cedars will age to a beautiful silver gray color.

Shingles and shakes are excellent at insulating, so they help save energy. They are wind and impact resistant and hold up well in storms. When they are correctly installed, air can freely circulate under them, so they can dry quickly after rain, which helps them last longer.

The roofing experts from Peter W Smith Construction of Morris County NJ would be happy to answer any questions you have about siding repair or roof repair.

Regularly maintained wood roofs can last between 30 and 40 years.

Wood is becoming an increasingly precious resource, but the environmentally conscious consumer can choose wood from trees that come from a certified sustainable forest. They are also the ultimate in recyclables since when their long lives are over, they can be turned into garden mulch.

Wood roofs do require more maintenance than other roofs. Mold and moss can grow on the porous wood, which makes it necessary to power wash them every few years and apply linseed oil or another preservative to them.

How well these roofs do in fires is usually the first question a homeowner asks, and it's true that other roofing materials can offer much more natural fire resistance than combustible wood does. Now, however, many shingles are treated with a fire retardant before they are sold. A homeowner should check with an insurance agent to see if there is a higher premium for wood roofs.

Finally, wood does cost more than asphalt shingles, but less than slate or tile; its price is in the same range as metal roofing. If the pros of these lovely roofs outweigh the cons, then it is a great choice for its beauty, durability and energy efficiency.

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