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Well maintained roofs can withstand the elements for decades, but even those eventually need to be replaced. Investing in roof replacement becomes necessary when an aging roof displays warning signs of deterioration. Ignoring red flags can end up costing homeowners significantly more money when major structural emergencies occur. It's advised that roofs be visually inspected at least once each year, preferably in the fall before snow starts flying. If any of the following signs are present, call upon qualified Morris County roofers for replacement.

One of the easiest signs to spot is granule loss. Small black or green granules line the roof's shingles to play a weatherproofing role in protecting the surface from ultraviolet rays. Granules are also important in shedding rainwater to prevent water seepage and leaks. Homeowners with aging roofs can often see a significant number of these granules falling off and landing in the gutters or downspouts. Granule loss is an indicator that the roof is starting to fail.

As shingles reach the end of their lifespan, they usually begin to curl or crack. Years of being exposed to New Jersey's changing climate can cause the shingles' layers to peel away from one another.

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Curling shingles can quickly worsen and lead to major leaks. When shingles are broken or missing altogether, it's clear that the roof no longer has the protection it requires. Homeowners should especially check the western and southern sides of their roof since these shingles receive the most sun exposure.

Another warning sign of an aging roof is leakage. While small, localized leaks can usually be repaired with roofing cement, several leaks are a major concern. Finding wet spots and discolored stains under the roof deck shouldn't be ignored. Look for moisture particularly in the insulation of the attic. Most leaks will stem from the shingles, flashings, valleys, vents and chimney. Any wetness felt during an inspection should be brought to a professional's attention.

Overall age is also important to consider in order to determine when an aging roof should be replaced. Once the roof is 20 years old, inspections should be more frequent to ensure that the right replacement time is chosen to avoid property damage. Homeowners should also look for damaged underlayment, blistering, cracked sealant, moss growth and a sagging roof deck. When a roof signals extreme wear and tear, it's time to start contacting licensed roofing contractors for estimates. Reroofing will pay off in keeping the home cozy and protected.

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