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Although skylights trace back to the early Roman Empire, they did not become commonplace in modern architecture until the mid 20th century. Skylights are an effective way to bring natural light into the home, as they permeate a room more fully than the light from traditional windows.

Until recently, many people were concerned about the risks of water leakage as a result of skylight installation, but modern advances in roofing technology have rendered that concern negligible. Many skylight models offer extended warranties on their products. However, for a homeowner to take advantage of them, the installation of a skylight will need to be done carefully. Thus, professional Morris County roofers should be hired to perform this complicated procedure.

The first step in installation is cutting the rough opening through which the skylight will fit. The contractor will most likely drive four deck screws through the roof from inside the room over which the skylight will be installed. The shingles in the perimeter of the screws will be stripped, and chalk lines stretched between the screws.

From the roof, three sides of the rough opening will be sawn. An assistant inside the house will ease the loose roof into the house as the contractor saws the final side. This step in the process prevents it from falling and causing damage. Once the opening has been secured, the contractor will nail sheathing around the perimeter of the roof and insulate it with self adhesive membrane.

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With the initial flashing installed, the contractor will then lower the skylight into place. The assistant below will help the laborer on the roof keep the skylight secure. As soon as the skylight is in place, it will be secured with nails. The contractor will then seal the sides of the skylight with strips of membrane, starting from the flange at the bottom and working to the top. Then, he or she will nail roofing shingles to the bottom membrane, which will seal the shingles to the exterior of the structure.

Once the bottom of the skylight has been sealed, the contractor will install the flashing. This involves installing different shapes of sill and step flashing around the area of the skylight. The process involves drilling the flashing into the roof, securing it with shingles and installing a second layer of flashing over the shingles on both sides of the skylight. The vertical legs of the skylight will then be equipped with counterflashing, which insulates the skylight against harsh weather conditions. Finally, the contractor will slide the saddle flashing under the shingles at the top of the skylight and nail a final layer of shingles atop it.

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