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Almost anyone who has owned a home in a snowy climate knows about the hazards of ice dam formation. These are masses of ice that form in a mound near the edge of the roof during periods of heavy snow and ice. They can cause a number of problems for the roof and the home beneath it. Morris County roofers hear about these issues from homeowners looking for ways to prevent ice dams from forming.

Ice dams are caused when the warmth of an insufficiently ventilated attic melts the ice on top of a home. This causes it to trickle down the shingles toward the gutters. Unfortunately, the snow melt refreezes before it can drain from the roof, forming an ice dam. This blockage of ice causes the melted water on the roof to back up and seep beneath the roof's shingles. From there, the water can infiltrate the home's infrastructure, causing leaks and staining and even damaging ceilings, walls and flooring.

The best way to prevent the formation of ice dams is through proper attic insulation.

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If heat is not allowed to transfer through the roof, due to the presence of insulation, then the ice on a roof's surface can't melt and form ice dams. Homeowners who make moderate alterations to the attic's insulation system will see immediate results.

Many contractors recommend blown in insulation, which is made from cellulose and fiberglass. In addition, many roofers offer this service at a budget friendly price. This type of insulation is superior to the bundles of insulation that can be purchased at home improvement stores. This is because blown in insulation fills small crevices around rafters, joists and other roofing components to create a barrier between the warmth of the home and the cold of the rooftop.

If homeowners wish to reduce the temperature in their attics, the addition of ventilation to roof system may help too. This system will remove the warmed air from the attic, thereby cooling the roof. In turn, this is helps to halt the ice melt and refreezing process before it can do any damage.

Vent insulation is a relatively simple process. However, homeowners should only trust this work to professional roofers. After all, a poorly installed ventilation system can do more harm than good and can violate the structural integrity of the roof.

Once the attic is properly insulated and vented, preventing ice dams shouldn't be an issue any longer.

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