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When it's time to replace a roof, the first estimate can be a bit of a shock for homeowners. People often don't realize how costly a new roof can be, and it's tempting for some people to do the work themselves. However, there are many pitfalls associated with a DIY roof. Morris County roofers are the more cost-effective choice for homeowners throughout the area.

Safety is always a concern when people are on elevated areas and walking on slopes. The professionals know how to safely navigate these areas, and they have the right equipment to work on steep slopes. They work in teams for safety, and they can get the job done without any injuries to themselves or people on the ground below.

Never underestimate the manpower involved in a roof tear off. It's not just a matter of scraping off the old shingles and nails. All of that debris has to be hauled off, and this can easily turn into a week long project for the average homeowner. The professionals will bring in a dumpster for easy disposal. When the tear off is done, the yard must be checked for stray nails and other debris. Roofers will have a crew use powerful magnets to ensure that the yard is as clean as possible.

Will the roof be better served with an open valley or closed? How should the edges be finished? How far up should the ice guard be installed? These are all questions that the average homeowners cannot answer, but professional roofers know exactly what to do.

The roofers from Peter W Smith Construction of Morris County NJ would be happy to answer any questions you have about siding repair or roof replacement.

The fact is that roofing does require a certain amount of skill and knowledge. Failure to do the project right the first time can result in water leaks later and voided warranties.

The temperature inside the attic and outside the home also matters. Most shingles have self-adhering strips that will not activate properly if the weather is too cold. Inside the attic, improper ventilation leads to high temperatures and potential damage. However, roofers can be trusted to check the attic ventilation as part of the job.

Before deciding to do a roof on their own, people are encouraged to consider the pitfalls of doing the job themselves. While it may take a family several days to a week to get the project done, the roofers can often finish the work in a matter of days. Future problems are avoided, and that helps people save money in the long run. When it's time to replace a roof, let the professionals handle the job to ensure that it's ready for almost any kind of weather.

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