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Having a roof replaced is a big step for a homeowner. A roof will last a minimum of 20 years and will likely cost several thousands of dollars. This makes selecting the right type and color of roof a big responsibility for homeowners. Before making a decision, homeowners should have a basic knowledge of all of their material options, including their pros and cons. They should discuss several factors with Morris County roofers, such as price, longevity, fire resistance, and resistance to wear and tear. Here is what homeowners need to know about tile shingles.

Tile shingles are available in both clay and concrete. They are well known as a popular high end roofing option. Many homeowners are drawn to tile roofs for their traditional old world European and Mediterranean looks, including those of rock and slate. Though tile is generally less expensive than rock and slate roofing materials, tile shingles are also extremely durable in most weather conditions and are virtually fire resistant.

Homeowners can choose from flat or barrel shaped tile shingles. They can be constructed of clay or concrete; both are naturally occurring, making tile shingles a greener option than other materials like metal or asphalt.

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Tile shingles are available in a variety of colors to help homeowners make their roofs look unique but appealing.

Tile shingles also provide great insulative value and are long lasting. However, they can be as much as three times the cost of the traditional asphalt shingle. They are ideal for hot and dry climates. Tile shingles are not the best option for homes in cold, wet climates as they can crack in severe frost and cold, which allows water to seep through them. One drawback to tile shingles is that they must be installed by an expert. If installed incorrectly, they may not seal well, causing additional water damage or causing the tiles to be blown off in strong winds. In addition, homeowners will need to be sure their home structure will support the extra weight of tile shingles. Homes that will have tile shingles need to have a strong roof surface and supporting joists. Ideally, tile shingled homes should have a roof pitch of at least 4 to 12 or greater.

Most tile shingles have a lifespan of 50 years or more, and many are warrantied for at least that long. However, they can be breakable during the shipping and installation process. The tiles can also break if a tree branch falls on the roof or if the roof is carelessly walked on.

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